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Star Drain Cleaning provides residential and commercial drain cleaning to restore proper water flow and drainage. Over time, build-up and debris will slow, and even clog, your drains. You can rely on our 80+ years of combined experience to remove the clogs and get your plumbing system back to full functionality! From tree roots, hair clogs to garbage build-up, we have seen it all. If needed, our state-of-the-art camera inspections will locate shifts and breaks in your sewer line. Our experienced service technicians provide high quality service to ease the frustration of improper drainage.

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We are skilled professionals and have been cleaning drains and unclogging pipes since 1978. Rest easy knowing you chose an experienced team with the best equipment and techniques to clean your drain! We provide sewer line locations, sump pump line cleaning, and camera inspections, as well as routine drain cleaning!

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